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The Paliambela Kolindros site management plan was approved from the Central Archaeological Council.
The excavation period of 2004 ended on the 12th of September. This year’s work contributed considerably to the comprehension of the prehistoric community of Paliambela. Important discoveries came to light, among which, pits cutting the bedrock (possible dwellings) dating to the Early Neolithic (among the earliest of Central Macedonia) and traces of mud-brick houses from the Middle Neolithic. The program will intensify the research of the habitational characteristics of the prehistoric settlement, in the frame of excavation work and post-excavation study.
The 2004 excavation season will begin on 2 August and end on 11 September. It is divided into two periods, each lasting three weeks (2-20/8 and 23/8-11/9). Anyone interested in participating can submit an application to Office 12, the Old building of the Philosophy School, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, or call +30 2310 997179.

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