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As the excavation work is still in progress, the publications concerning Paliambela are limited. Essays on the progress of the work and the initial findings are systematically published in archaeological journals, while the work has had special mention is the various newspapers in the wider area.
Magazines and newspapers
  • Aggelioforos. "The charming journey to the depths of history"
  • Aggelioforos, 29/10/2003. "Neolithic Daily Life"
  • The News of the Municipality of Kolindros , September 2003. "Historic Neolithic Finds"
  • Olympio Vima, 22/2/2003 . "Thoughts on the archaeological park at Paliambela"
  • Ethnos, 13/2/2003 . "They found an entire museum"
  • Eginiotikos Typos, September 2000. "Acropolis at Paliambela".
  • Macedonia. "Important Neolithic Site Discovered"
  • Imerisia, 12/10/2000. "The 'Neolithic acropolis' of Pieria brought to light"
  • Aggelioforos on Sunday, 17/10/2000 . "The oldest Neolithic site in Macedonia"
  • Macedonia, 17/10/2000. "Acropolis Discovered"
  • Kolindrina Nea, 11/10/2000. "Don't expect golden crowns, but we will find important information"
Articles in archaeological journals
  • Kotsakis, K., in press. "Paliambela 2003", Archaeological Work in Macedonia and Thrace 16
  • Kotsakis, K., in press. "Paliambela 2002: Three Years of Research", Archaeological Work in Macedonia and Thrace 16
  • Halstead, P. & Kotsakis, Κ. 2002. “Paliambela”, In Archaeological Reports, edited by D. Blackman, pp. 80. vol. 48
  • Halstead, P. & Kotsakis, Κ. 2001. “Paliambela”, In Archaeological Reports, edited by D. Blackman, pp. 93-94. vol. 47
  • Vlachos, D., 2000. "Applications of GIS in Archaeological Surface Survey: the example of Paliambela Kolindros", Postgraduate Work for the Department of History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


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