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The website of the Paliambela archaeological programme undertakes to present the research work being carried out at Paliambela and to describe the excavation procedure, as well as the way this procedure is experienced by all those who are taking part in, or are affected by, it.

The website is organized around the axes of space, time, aims, methods, findings and participants, and it aims at the understanding of all the aspects of an archaeological effort and at the integration of these various issues.

These pages can be browsed freely according to the interests and preferences of the visitor. The chosen structure and themes aim at the complete appraisal of the excavation process as a contemporary and comprehensive event that is not just concerned with the investigation of the history of an area, but also itself creates a piece of its history. It is also noted that the links at the bottom of a number of the pages refer to supplementary photographic material, but which can also be viewed in isolation.

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