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Educational programmes

A special emphasis has been placed on the educational character of the excavation and on the sensitisation of the local community. The excavation at Paliambela, within the framework of the excavation running as a university project, constitutes a real "laboratory" of archaeology, both for the students and for the inhabitants of the area. Every year educational projects are organised that aim at the transmission and experience of the archaeological process itself and not just its results.

Field school
Every year the Paliambela excavation takes in a significant number of archaeology students from Greece and abroad. The students stay in the village for the entire excavation season and actively participate in all the stages of the archaeological process in order to gain experience in excavation practices, to learn about issues concerning prehistory, and to become acquainted with the conditions of archaeological work. Seminars on excavation methods and various theoretical issues complete their training.
Educational projects
Since 2001, informative educational activities have been undertaken in the schools of Kolindros, and educational programmes have been implemented at the Paliambela archaeological site during the excavation season. The aim is to familiarise students in matters concerning the Neolithic period, to inform them of the findings of the research at Paliambela, and to get them to participate actively in the excavation process.
Informing teachers

In order to sensitise the primary and secondary school teachers in the area, an information pack was created which aimed to improve their knowledge of the current excavation data and their exploitation of the included teaching proposals. The teachers' pack on Paliambela includes:

  1. an introduction about the rationale behind, and the content of the teachers' pack
  2. a general introductory paper for the teachers about the Greek Neolithic and the excavation at Paliambela
  3. a detailed description of the educational activities that have already been implemented
  4. a relevant bibliography for children and teachers
  5. suggestions for cross- curricular links with the analytical programme
  6. photographic material
  7. the Paliambela leaflet
  8. an informative CD-ROM
Volunteer project
In order to develop closer communication with, and activation of the children of the village, a volunteers’ week at the excavation was organised in August 2003 for the students of Paliambela aged between 10 and 15 years. The children actively participated in the whole excavation process and acquired experiences concerning the conditions of research, study and interpretation of the material past.
The excavation, in co-operation with the local agencies, organises informative lectures on the progress of the work and the new finds at regular intervals. These events supplement the communication of the archaeological work, since they offer the opportunity to discuss the perceptions of the inhabitants of the area concerning the work being carried out at Paliambela and to hear their aims for the future of the research.

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